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Crisis Medicaid Planning – Why it’s never too late to save money

By: Jane-Marie Schaeffer, Esq. While it is advisable to create a long term care plan five years in advance of needing the care, what happens if you experience a medical crisis that requires long term care yet haven’t done any planning? Your first thought may be that it is too late to do anything, but […]
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The Trump Presidency and Tax Planning in 2017

By: Jane-Marie Schaeffer, Esq. How can you best tax plan in 2017? Will the proposals of the Trump campaign impact your immediate plans?  The answer is “depends”.  There are certain changes that were already scheduled to happen in 2017 irrespective of the election results.  In addition, while there will be more changes if President-Elect Trump’s […]
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TV Lessons in Estate Planning: The Brady Bunch

Originally posted on Herzog Herald:
by David A. Kubikian Season 2, Episode 6 Background: The Brady Bunch is a sitcom that first aired on ABC on September 26, 1969 and ended five short years later in 1974. It went on to syndication and has gained a cult following generation after generation. The show also spawned numerous…

Having the Estate Planning Talk

By: Jane-Marie Schaeffer, Esq. As family members gather together for the holidays, it is a good time to check in with aging parents and other relatives and see how they are doing.  For many children who live far away from their parents, or simply busy throughout the year with work and their own families, they […]
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