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The Rights of Nursing Home Residents

The decision to move an aging parent or loved one into a nursing home can be difficult. It is often the result of failing health, disease, injury, or hospital discharge where the individual can no longer safely remain at home. Adding to the anxiety is the fact that people moving to an elder care facility often have […]
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Caring for Aging Parents

As life expectancies continue to increase, it becomes much more likely that you will need to financially help an aging parent. If you find yourself in that situation, review the tax laws to determine whether you can obtain some tax relief. The key is to determine whether you can deduct your parent as a dependent, […]
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Fear Factors in Elder Care Planning

The fear of many elderly individuals — perhaps even yourself or someone in your family — is that nursing home costs will consume their life savings before they can be passed to their heirs. This concern is real and has spawned elder care planning strategies designed to minimize the damage. Background: Medicaid is a health care assistance program […]
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