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Living Wills and Health Care Proxies: The Terri Schiavo Case

The Terri Schiavo case is a landmark case that was on everyone’s minds. The bitter battle between her family and her husband lasted a decade and a half after Terri suddenly collapsed in 1990. However, her story has had an enormous impact on American consciousness, demonstrating the importance of having a living will and health care […]
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Q&A: Medicaid Planning

There are many things to consider when applying for Medicaid and the process can be very confusing. It’s also important to start planning for Medicaid before you actually need to apply. Below are some frequently asked questions we hear from individuals regarding Medicaid planning and eligibility. Question: What is Medicaid? Answer: Medicaid is a Federally, […]
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The Herzog Law Firm is a Proud Sponsor of Senior Citizens’ Law Day

The Herzog Law Firm is a proud sponsor of Senior Citizens’ Law Day on Saturday, October 24, 2015. Held at Albany Law School, it is a free event for seniors and their caregivers. We hope to see you there!